How does it work? – Angel Tree

How our Angel Tree
campaign works?


Remaining angels


Choose an angel

Browse the angels until one speaks to you.

Complete sponsorship using the adoption basket.

Once you’ve identified a child you want to sponsor, add it to your
adoption basket and follow the guidelines to complete the sponsorship.

Fill in your contact information.

It is essential to add your contact information,
so that we can follow the sponsorship progress of all our angels.

Wait for confirmation by email.

You will receive an email confirmation. If you have not received it, then
adoption has not been finalized. Try again or contact us.

Now it's time to shop for your Angel's gifts!

Here begins the joy, you chose an angel and know their wishes. Now go shopping and fulfill them. Because of the situation we know, it can be difficult to shop in person, so feel free to shop online and send the gifts to our address.

Return your donation

Please make sure that these gifts will reach us before Monday, December 14th. It’s important to include the Adopted Angel ID when you deliver it to us, so we can identify the child it needs to reach.
If you are sending by courier, please include the Angel ID on the package or write it down somewhere with the package in plain sight. Below is an example of a package sent directly through where you can write as follows: “Armata Salvării România – Angel Tree, Str. Dumitru Zosima No. 16 (note to recipient: ANGEL ID(s) ####).”
Or, you can deliver it personally to us in
Sector 1, Bucharest
Salvation Army Romania
Str. Dumitru Zosima No. 16, Sector 1, Bucharest

Sponsored Angels

Together we’re saving Christmas!

If you have questions or concerns, leave contact
us at [email protected]
or social media @armatasalvariiromania.

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